Janitorial Options
Owned and operated by Sam & Shirley Jones, Janitorial Options came into existence in 1974, and has continued to grow and prosper.
Reliabilty, Efficiency, Quality
From a 150,000 square foot construction 

At Janitorial Options we have cleaned just about everything.
You name it, and we have cleaned it! Our newest endeavor
at Janitorial Options is to become Earth Friendly with all our supplies.

One day after cleaning baseboards with a well known cleaning product, I was having a hard time breathing. When I got home I looked up the ingredients to the product I was using and found that I had been spraying insecticide. To my surpise, insecticide is in alot of the products I was using, and have been using for 30 years. That is when I decided to go Earth Friendly.
Sam has also invented  several cleaning products, see uniquecleaningproducts.com
Janitorial Options is now
Our all natural products contain the power of plant and vegetable base, along with vinegar and hydrogen peroxide.
Members of: A Greener Indiana, Hospitals for a Healthy Environment, and
The U.S. Green Building Council.
Janitorial Options
1169 Standish Drive
Greenwood, IN 46142
Fax 317-882-1904

clean up, to a small office once a mouth, the option is yours.
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